Click the link to go to CDE Facebook Page.

Please be sure you have permission and are of age.

Facebook is starting to get active and busy - why not send a message to your Danish or Cornish Friends just for fun!

CDE has a "Facebook" page but please be aware that although this a "Closed" group (Which means nobody can have access to the page unless they are "Accepted" by one of the leader team) there are still rules enforced by "Facebook" regarding amongst other things, age.  You have to be over 13 years to play!

If you're not old enough to be a member, please ask one of your family to do so as this is a great way to keep up to date with the Gossip and "Blog" and also a chance to "Meet" your Danish Scout Friends before the event starts.  Once the Ho Ho has been finalised, we will be letting you all know who you have staying with you and you can then hopefully make contact with them through this media.

Please get your legal guardian's permission to join our on-line CDE group and start to mix and chat with our Danish friends.  The only people allowed in the Facebook Group are people that have had a connection with CDE in the past.  It's nice for them to keep in touch, if they want to...


To read "Facebook's" privacy policy, please click HERE.

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