•  Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  How old do I have to be to be a participant at CDE18?

A.  You have to be a member of Penwith & IOS Scouts or Guides and you need to be between the ages of 10 and 25 years old.


Q.  Do I have to have camped before?

A.  YES!  As this is a two week event, you will not be allowed to participate unless you have camped at least once before, preferably more. This helps eliminate the chance of home-sickness. 


Q.  Will my own Section Leader be at CDE18?

A.  The list of Leaders that will be attending CDE18 is not yet known.  There is a chance that your own Section Leaders will be going but this depends on a lot of things including numbers and also available time off from work!

Check on the "Leaders" page to see if your favourite leader is going to be there!


Q.  What happens when we get there?

A.  We will arrive at the Campsite and will be greeted by our Danish friends and then help them to "Build" the camp.  We will be in camp for the first week, taking part in the usual (and not so usual) camp activities and cooking etc.  Then, we will go into Home Hospitality!  This is where we get to sample how a Danish Scout lives, we'll share their homes for the next week, go out on excursions and take part in various activities.  Most people say, after their first CDE, that this is the best part of the whole Exchange!


Q.  A Danish Scout stayed with me in 2014, is it possible for me to stay with them this time?

A.  Hopefully.  This will depend on a few things, if they have room where they live, if they are still a member of Scouts/Guides, if they want to stay with you again!! ;-)  If everything goes right, yes, you will stay with them... this is the whole point of CDE - it is an Exchange after all!  Please let your Section Leader know who you would like to stay with and we'll do our best to try to make it happen.


If you have any other burning questions, please don't hesitate to email.  The chances are if you need to know something, there are probably lots of other people wanting to know the same thing.  Just Ask!

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