CDE18 is hoped to be £400 but to make it happen at that price, everyone will need to take part in the various Fundraising Events we have planned.  Closer to the time, we'll work out groups and times but for now, please put these dates into your diary and do your very best to be there to help!

CDE is an experience and we really want to make a great Group, to do this, everyone needs to play their part, that's what we hope, anyway...

June 2nd and 3rd - Bag Packing at Tesco, PZ

June 10th - Collection day at Morrison's, PZ

July 1st - Collection day at Morrison's, PZ

You can also help us raise crucial funds to help keep the cost of every CDE down to a minimum by shopping on line through this Easy Fundraising Website, we get a donation every time you buy!

It cost you nothing more but gives us much needed pennies every time...

Can't go wrong!  Please register today!!