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To promote CDE18, we will be selling various items of merchandise.  Some of the things for sale will include CDE18 Clothing, Leather items, woggles etc. and maybe some new bits like mugs, fridge magnets and stuff?! These items are sold just above cost price  - it's not a fundraiser but just to show an identity and a souvenir.  

Leather Items, (including woggles and keyrings) are always available, please contact Jer to have a look at the stock.

We will be making available various CDE Clothing.  Please be aware that buying any of these are totally optional.  Everyone going on CDE18 will be issued with a CDE polo shirt, this will be Solid Grey in colour. All optional items can be purchased in any colour you like - as long as it's a colour we can supply!!

*NOTE - I will be putting in our order at the beginning of June, so please let me know what you want by 9th June.  Thanks

Please click on the word Merchandise below to be re-directed to the "Shop" page.  Here you will be able to have a look at the various designs, colours and great items!

* PLEASE NOTE - These were all items that were available last time around, it is not known at this time the exact cost or if all these items are still available.


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