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Please keep you eye on this website and on our Facebook group for (hopefully) up to the minute news and gossip on what we'll be geeting up to.

It's less than a week until the final meeting for everyone to attend.  Tis is your chance to ask those burning questions and get any final info about the trip.  It will be held at PZ/Madron Scout Hall on Sunday 15th July, starting at 7.30pm.

You will have had email about this meeting, so please check them for the important bits.

Time is rushing by and very soon you'll all be on an island off the coast of Jutland, Denmark - WOW! what an experience.  It is hoped that those of us back home will be able to see a bit of what you're getting up to via Facebook - so if you haven't already joined the Group, please do so without delay so you'll be able to see the photos and also to be able to chat with your soon to be new friends.

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